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Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiters are responsible for the administration, management and evaluation of the Nursing Recruitment and Retention Program. A strong focus on recruiting highly qualified nurses makes VA better able to meet the complex medical challenges facing Veterans and their families. The Nurse Recruiter also plans, coordinates and evaluates internal and external recruitment and retention programs for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and other nursing staff. These employees recruit the Nurses who help transform VA into a 21st century organization that delivers exceptional health care and medical services to Veterans and their families.

Knowledge Areas

Nurse Recruiters need to have a thorough understanding of:
  • VA's organizational and recruiting missions, visions and values

  • Federal and VA laws, rules and regulations for hiring nursing staff (e.g., Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law and Title 38)

  • Strategies for maximizing recruitment to VA nursing jobs (e.g., job announcements, employee referrals, online job boards and social networking)

  • Nursing qualifications standards (e.g., Nurse Professional Standards Board) to provide consultation and guidance to staff in career advancement

  • Succession and workforce plan development

  • Data analysis techniques to identify workforce trends and recruiting needs

  • Methods for establishing and maintaining professional networks

  • Methods to effectively implement the recruitment budget

  • Principles of marketing, sales and business management

  • Best practices for recruitment and retention of nursing staff

Training & Developmental Experiences

Grade Range: VN/AD02-VN/AD03

Developmental Experiences
  • Use advanced computer applications to analyze, track and create metrics on recruitment and retention data for a unit and present to staff or manager

  • Research VA goals, objectives and initiatives as they relate to recruitment, retention and recognition and present results to an audience

  • Develop contacts outside of the facility (e.g., expert nurses at other facilities, state or national nursing associations and faculty from nursing schools) to assist in the development and presentation of a unit-based project

  • Conduct and evaluate a utilization review of a care unit with staff to forecast needs, including budget, personnel and materials

  • Develop and present a professional presentation to market a specific nursing field of practice to a targeted audience

  • Review VA hiring regulations and requirements for Title 38, Title 38 Hybrid and Title 5 positions and share knowledge learned with others

  • Present the nursing profession at a school or career fair

  • Assist nursing staff by evaluating their professional resumes or curriculum vitae

  • Review and present current facility's succession and workforce plans in relation to a specific unit

  • Read and evaluate research-based literature related to recruitment, retention and recognition of nursing staff and present best practices to peers

Training Resources
* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.

Additional Information

This job has positions which range from VN/AD02 to VN/AD03. As part of the duties that may be performed in this job, an employee:
  • Collaborates with management to develop, implement and evaluate goals for the Recruitment Program

  • Coordinates and participates in the selection of nursing staff

  • Facilitates and conducts a dynamic program for recruitment, retention and recognition of staff

Current Job Openings

The VA Job Finder connects you to job openings at VA. Explore job openings with a customized search and plan your next career step.
Job Summary Location
Registered Nurse - Asst Chief (Sterile & Processing Service) - PCS Nursing Northern
New Jersey
Registered Nurse - Patient Safety Specialist Seattle
RN Clinical Nurse Educator Eastern/Tulsa
Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatry) Kansas City
Chief Nurse for Research San Francisco
Registered Nurse (Nurse Supervisor) Birmingham
Registered Nurse (Crisis Stabilization Unit) Gainesville/Jacksonville/Ocala
Registered Nurse (RN) - Hemodialysis Chicago
Staff Nurse (N.W. Metro) Albuquerque
New Mexico
RN (2F) Richmond
Registered Nurse PACU Syracuse
New York
Assistant Nurse Manager (Patient Flow) Albuquerque
New Mexico
Nurse Manager (Ward 2B) San Francisco
RN Care Manager - Primary Care Clinics PACT (Patient Aligned Care Team) San Bernardino/Palm Springs
3NE Specialty Clinics - Nurse Manager San Bernardino/Palm Springs
Lead Infection Control Nurse Seattle
Registered Nurse Inpatient Mental Health Charleston
South Carolina
Nurse Practitioner (Urology Section)
North Carolina
Registered Nurse (Surgical Intensive Care Unit/Progressive Care Unit) Ann Arbor
Staff Nurse (Community Living Center) Johnstown
Registered Nurse (RN) - Patient Safety Manager Tomah
Registered Nurse (Associate Chief, Nursing Service (ACNS) MED SURG. Long Island
New York
Registered Nurse (Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Case Manager) Bedford
Clinical Case Manager (Registered Nurse) Lafayette /Lake Charles
Registered Nurse - OIF/OEF Case Manager St. Petersburg

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Education and Licensure

  • Degree or diploma from an accredited professional nursing program
  • Active, current and unrestricted registration as a professional nurse

Job announcements may contain more specific requirements.

Work Interests

Work Interests refer to the types of work activities that interest you, such as interacting with people, thinking of new ideas, or working with your hands. The chart below shows the Work Interest Profile for this job.
Realistic: Low: Investigative: Low; Artistic: Med; Social: High; Enterprising: High; Conventional: Med

Work Environment

Work Environment refers to the setting in which you like to work, such as inside or outside, in a competitive or supportive environment, or in an environment with a little or a lot of time pressure. The chart below shows the Work Environment Profile for this job.
Responsibility: Med; Exposure to Job Hazards: Low; Physical Activity: Low; Decision Making: High; Repetitiveness: High; Level of Competition: High; Time Pressure: Med

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Professional Associations

Membership in professional organizations can be useful in maintaining an awareness of developments in the field. These organizations are examples of associations aligned with this position:
My Career Toolkit :